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June 22, 2008


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I have two floating shift keys. Green. On a circa 1950 R C Allen manual typewriter sitting in the corner behind a chair. The letters are worn off, but that's what my mother called them. It's a whimsical key & floats both over and under the shift lock key on an arm attached to the lock key. Would this be retrotech?


I'm 18, and I had to take a typing class in third grade. At least at the elementary school which I attended, all third graders had a take an instructional typing course -- if I remember correctly. I hated it, though, and never really paid any attention.

But now I type 75 to 85 words per minute!

And only using around three to four fingers! No joke. People who have seen me type think it is so weird. Lol.

Kris Eve

Why do digressions get such a bad rap? Speaking in digressions allows all to digest a tale of woe or of joy at a proper rate for complete understanding. It's akin to eating a Kit-Kat bar one layer at a time. It lasts longer, gets all over your hands, and requires a good finger-licking (or hand-washing)...whichever suits you better. And, you can even hide a turnip in it, if you so choose!


I would be really mad if anyone hid a turnip in anything of mine, because I think turnips are icky.

Wasn't a turnip the central focus of a book called Jitterbug Perfume? Or it might have been a Beet, I can't remember. Someone help me out.


It was a Beet! I love wikipedia.


Diane- I knew I could count on you!

KE- Smooches. I love it that you get me. Unicorn!

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