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June 18, 2008


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Glory satisfies men of all ages who will not eat vegetables prepared by women who work their fingers to the bone and make a fair to middlin big deal out of it.. Glory Anyvegetable prepared by takin' the lid off and quickly hiding the lid and the can under all the garbage so it it will never be seen by a manling or his progenitor, is essential for a manling to grow to manlinghood with his parts (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical - in order please) intact and ready for action at the proper time. It is a secret that purists never dream exist... From Glory are bred legends of great cooks who can serve multitudes and the manlings SIT at the table and TALK about things going on in their lives. Plates clean, they go out to swing from more trees, make water balllons to drop on daddies' heads when they come home. All Glory needs, really, are a few pieces of cornbread w/ some sweet butter, and corn on the cob. Lots of it. For a manling, food must play well, and mostly be eaten with the fingers and paws. Boys, real boys, are built from the ground up - and want it that way - loving it while they protest the entire process sitting at the supper table and scarffing up VEGETABLES- the only place where Glory products may be eaten anonymously. Supper with the family. GLORY!


I don't know why, but for some reason before I linked to the brand, when I read the above comment I thought that this woman was saying that "Glory" ( as in, Very great praise, honor, or distinction bestowed by common consent; renowkn) and vegetables were the same thing -- that spinach begat glory in men, or something generally nutty like that.

Now that I know Glory is a brand of vegetables (after reading "Glory Product" and linking to the brand), all is clear.


Pop-eye believed it and achieved Glory. But then men of all ages will believe just about anything, if it's presented properly.


Pop-eye was a massive conspiracy thought up by mothers to make their kids eat spinach.

I'm convinced of that fact.

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