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July 14, 2008


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Your in the south, your never to young for to have an Uncle Bob! Love your idea for UB's Condo. I believe this could become a eco-friendly idea for humans and their babies. Forget cribs and messy diapers put them in the baby suite.

Kris Eve

I have had the great honor of meeting UB. While reflecting on this auspicious occaision, I feel I must shout from my key board that WE HAVE THE BESTEST GOD! Why all the shouting, you ask? Well, it's simple really. He made a creature as packed with unconditional loving cuteness as my newest nephew, Uncle Bob. I'm currently plotting to convince my Mr. Wonderful that having a creature such as this in our house to meet us at the door would way out weigh the puppy poo surprises that will inevitably appear on our floor. The Master Plan at present is to selflessly offer to baby-sit said UB for a weekend. We shall see!

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